Join us on September 12 at 1:00 pm CST for our 30-minute webinar and Q&A.  Previous customer and now Stackify's Director of Product, Chris shares key takeaways from his 20+ years including: 

  • Why the current culture of programming is broken.
  • How to transform development, testing, and deployment into a seamless and continuous process. 
  • Actionable steps to transform your team from firefighting to a software delivery powerhouse by integrating Data with DevOps.  

FSJC5197 Chris Nickols is the Director of Product at Stackify, whose APM and code profiling tool-set helps developers deploy early and often with confidence. Chris has clocked over 20 years building web applications, leading cross-functional engineering teams and promising his wife he won’t stay up too late coding into the night (she never believes him).